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Dharma Talks given at Ottawa Buddhist Society
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2020-07-18 Secure Connection, Free Roaming 23:03
  Ayya Medhanandi
Removing our harness to the world, we really detach and make the intention in the mind to stop. Having moved inwardly into this now moment, we pause and secure our internal connection to truth. This work requires our faith, vigilance, sustained attention, care and perseverance. We long for freedom and it will arise, releasing us to roam free in the vast space of the mind – empty and awake. A guided meditation and Dhamma talk.

2020-07-18 Practise Like the Barley Reaper 25:32
  Ayya Medhanandi
In a dialogue between King Milinda and Venerable Nagasena, we hear the Buddha’s instruction on mental training and how to apply our allies of mindfulness, restraint and wisdom. Devoted to the training, we can overcome ignorance, take hold of the mind and cut off the defilements just as the barley reaper cuts his barley. Our mission is to lean towards Nibbāna, not believing the self-making stories, and gradually, patiently, wrestle free from ignorance, waking up right in the middle of any storm we may face.

2020-06-05 On the Altar of This Moment 23:36
  Ayya Medhanandi
A guided meditation into the heart of our struggles and fears where, on the altar of our tears, the jewels of the Dhamma are revealed radiant within us. Breath by breath, wisely seeing through and courageously defying all obstacles to our freedom, we embark into the miracle of pure presence in this moment.

2017-08-04 Truth & Reconciliation 32:44
  Ayya Medhanandi
The first step towards Truth is taking responsibility for our own actions, intentions, and their consequences. Distractions are not a support but only numb us to what is difficult to face or remember. Truth will always emerge, despite all attempts to bury it. Bring into the light unskillful acts, our own or those of others towards us, and make forgiveness and reconciliation possible. Penetrate into the marrow of life to reveal both the garbage we must purify and the treasure to be discovered in the process. What are we really running away from?

2016-11-08 Chant, Breathe, Trust 16:01
  Ayya Medhanandi
One way animals restore themselves after an attack and regain their inner equilibrium is through the trembling of the body. We too as human beings can create this inner rhythmic movement through chanting and resonating vibrational waves in the body that help to settle, cleanse and clear traumatic events from our nervous system. Using the beginning of the homage to the Buddha chant, the collected assembly experiment with this purifying vibrational healing sound. Recorded at an Ottawa Buddhist Society daylong retreat.

2009-10-16 Empty of Fear 28:43
  Ayya Medhanandi
A dedication to a member of the community who is in the last stages of life. She struggles with breathing but is composed and at peace with the process. We are reminded how important it is to train the mind while we are able to do so. A talk given at Quaker House, Ottawa.

2009-08-21 Energy Audit 22:46
  Ayya Medhanandi
You can conduct an energy audit on the strength of your attention when you sit down to meditate. Notice if your attention is wavering and then patiently seal up the leaks so that your mind is no longer tempted by the world that the ego builds.  A talk given at Quaker House for the Ottawa Buddhist Society.

2009-06-19 Opinions 33:20
  Ayya Medhanandi
Are you watching your breath or watching your opinions? It is not enough to just watch the breath; you must reflect closely on what is arising. Come to the truth of the way things are by identifying and letting go of your opinions.

2009-04-04 Batik Buddha 38:54
  Ayya Medhanandi
Ayya Medhanandi reflects on the meaning of the different mudras or hand gestures used by the Buddha himself when he gave teachings.  Each represents an important quality for us to practise and develop such as fearlessness or compassion.  You can see these mudras that she describes on the batik cloth that was gifted to the Ottawa Buddhist Society at

2009-03-18 Fierce Gifts 36:07
  Ayya Medhanandi
How do we overcome obstacles on the path? An obstacle can, in fact, provide a doorway into the opening of the heart. You can learn to be a spiritual ally to yourself and to others by cultivating loving-kindness and compassion. A talk given during a 10 day Ottawa Buddhist Society retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph convent in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada in 2009.

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