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Dharma Talks given at Ottawa Buddhist Society
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2008-06-08 Great Compassion 36:01
  Ayya Medhanandi
Reflections on how to approach the development of insight meditation, vipasanna, like a spiritual athlete with comparisons to the rigorous training of bhikkhunis. It requires strong determination and hard work to beat a path to awakening. But if you can bear with the difficulties, you will learn to manage the mind and see clearly what is happening as it happens - a key to awakened awareness and freedom. A talk given at a 10 day retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph Convent, Pembroke, Canada in 2008.

2007-03-14 Rescue Remedy 46:43
  Ayya Medhanandi
By practising awareness of your breath you will begin to understand your mental and physical processes and develop mindfulness. You will know what is happening as it happens, and you will be able to recognize a hindrance and turn it off. Spiritual regret for past unwholesome actions can develop and you will be able to abandon them and let go of a lifetime’s accumulation of baggage. A talk given at a 10 day Ottawa Buddhist Society retreat at the Galilee Centre, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.

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