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Dharma Talks
2021-03-14 Mindfulness of Breathing, Part 9: Impermanence and Dispassion - Talk 33:47
  Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Mindfulness of Breathing - A Dharma Talk Series with Mark Nunberg

2021-03-14 Morning Teachings and Meditation 53:28
  Yanai Postelnik
Opening to the possibility of how freedom, liberation and release can arise when we are not bound by or identified with inner and outer conditions.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Yoga

2021-03-13 16 talk: the Two Wings of Awakening, wisdom and compassion 37:07
  Jill Shepherd
How wisdom and compassion work together to support progress towards freedom, with an exploration of some of the challenges to cultivating compassion and self-compassion
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Finding the heart of freedom

2021-03-13 Dharma Talk 57:36
  Helen Stephenson
Yoga - A Spiritual Path Explored
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Yoga

2021-03-13 All Kinds of Kindness 63:43
  Nathan Glyde
What would our practice look like with mettā at the centre, as the goal, or as the heart of all we do. Guided practice and talk.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2021

2021-03-13 Desperately Seeking Non-desperation 56:31
  Ajahn Sucitto
The tendency to keep running out into concepts eventually results in overload, insecurity, anxiety, collapse. We’re desperately looking for sanity. The steadiness and fulfillment we seek is already here, in the non-conceptual intelligence of body and heart. Rather than going out, return to where body, mind and heart energy come together. In this presence our real home appears.

2021-03-13 Yoga and Inquiry Practice 1:46:16
  Helen Stephenson
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Yoga

2021-03-13 The Heart of Giving 26:30
  Dawn Mauricio
True North Insight Giving and Receiving: Generosity in our Practice

2021-03-13 Morning Teachings and Guided Meditation 53:45
  Yanai Postelnik
Guidance on turning towards what may be difficult in our experience, with care and kindness.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Yoga

2021-03-12 13 talk: the clinging-aggregate of feeling tone or vedana 38:24
  Jill Shepherd
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Finding the heart of freedom

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